Weeknotes, August 3rd – August 10th

Inspired by both Frazier Father’s weekly editions of A Few Thoughts… as well as the valiant cohort of writers trying to keep blogging alive by publishing Weeknotes, I thought I would try to publish a set of short Windsor-related entries on a weekly basis.

Let’s see if I can make this habit stick.

Last Tuesday (August 4th), Windsor City Council unanimously approved the following recommendation from the city (found on p. 352 of the City Council Agenda [PDF]).

This is infuriating to me for three reasons. First of all, the city and our schools now have $363,642 less in their collective budgets to serve the needs of all of us during a time of extreme need. Secondly, I share some of Alan Halberstadt’s concerns that he has outlined in two Facebook posts (August 2, August 7) in which he suggests this might be a case of conflict of interest that the auditor general should look into. Thirdly, the very premise for this tax exemption is absurd. If the property of 33 Riverside Drive is now a de facto hospital, then is it going to be regulated as one? If the property of 33 Riverside Drive houses essential workers who normally live in the United States but work in Canada, are they not just another type of migrant worker? Are the hotels that currently house our quarantined migrant workers now farms?

Speaking of migrant workers, I am tempted to send this article — Migrant worker alleges ‘kidnapping’ off local farm after abuse complaints — to anyone who blithely wonders out loud why migrant workers in Essex County are reluctant to be tested for COVID-19. Actually, blithely is the wrong word. When the Mayor repeatedly blames migrant workers for not getting tested, he is deliberately using a strategy to absolve their employers from their responsibility to provide safe working conditions.

On August 7th (Friday), the Report of the Ontario Civilian Police Commission: The Windsor Police Service and The Windsor Police Services Board was made public : (PDF or HTML). Over the weekend, I gave the report a read and made note of these points that were particularly interesting to me.