Weeknotes, August 25 – August 31

Last Monday, City Council met. These media stories came from the outcomes of that meeting:

I searched the news trying to find out whether Transit Windsor was now deemed an Essential Service. There was no story on the matter that I could find and so I had to go to the archived video meeting. In doing so, I realized that if I ignored the embedded recording on the front page and followed the Past Meetings link, I would find a recording that was embedded with time stamps that link to each Agenda item. Phew!

The ability to skip around the timestamps is so great but still, much is hidden from view. In regards to the matter of Transit Windsor, evidently there was some sort of email poll among the councilors that resulted in the item being removed from discussion at this meeting, to the opposition of Councillor Holt. I have no idea what happened.

I also noticed that evidently Windsor City Council passed this resolution brought forward from Dave Hall, formerly of the Windsor Star and presently of BizX.

Therefore Be It Resolved that the City of Windsor Council recognizes that a healthy, professional news media is essential to the proper functioning of democracy in our city; urges nearby municipal councils and across Canada to recognize that a robust news media is essential to the proper functioning of democracy in their jurisdictions; endorses legislation and regulations to support and rejuvenate news outlets across Canada; and urges the federal government to move quickly to pass legislation to ensure an ecosystem for a healthy news media to serve all Canadians.And that the resolution be forwarded to the area municipalities, local M.P.s and M.P.P.s and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and Association of Municipalities of Ontario.

Item No. 7.1.6

If you are a listener of CANADALAND, you are probably already aware of the many problems that are inherent with the Canadian Federal Government bailing out the media. I’m disappointed that City Council gave an endorsement to this resolution.

While I was looking for the Transit Windsor matter, I found something of note. Under the heading of Petitions, Councillor Fabio Costante brought forward an online petition from a Mr. Kim Elliot. The minutes of this meeting have not been released and so I don’t know exactly what this petition was but it is likely this petition from Change.org from Mr. Elliot about an incident involving the Windsor Police Services from 1997.

I like this explainer of what the role a civic petition plays from the Sudbury City Council.

Speaking of the WPS, “The Windsor Police Services board and two officers face a $600,000 defamation lawsuit from an Arby’s restaurant franchise following an incident in June. The lawsuit, filed by James Laughton Enterprises Inc., names officer Tim Kettlewell, officer Shawn Farrand and the Windsor Police Services board” (CBC Windsor).

The City of Windsor is looking for feedback on phases 3 & 4 of its Cabana Road Project. I can remember watching City Council on Cogeco way back in 2014 in absolute dismay as a single petition from residents on the unsightliness of bollards was enough to kill Windsor’s first separated cycling path on its roadways – infrastructure that is necessary to prevent accidents can leave a cyclist dead. Please join me in making a suggestion to the city to live up to its commitment to be a VisionZero city, and established separated bike lanes on Cabana Road by September 4th.

The Municipal Calendar doesn’t appear to be working at the moment, so here’s what I can tell is coming up this week: