There is still no Greyhound bus service to or from the City of Windsor. For your consideration: Forget Greyhound, Canada Needs A Public National Bus Service.

I liked this excerpt of the WECHU September 2, 2020 Public Health Updates Related to Corona Virus that illustrates how the decisions of a couple families led to over 30 infections across a variety of workplaces.

Another week, another opportunity to demand better bike lanes. There are plans for bike lanes in the plans for the upcoming Sandwich Street Reconstruction. Please send your support for bike lanes (and if you want to follow the recommendations of Bike Windsor Essex, ask for “a speed limit reduction within the BIA, doubled bike lane striping, bicycle parking, shade protection and on-road directional paint to provide better clarity of movement for drivers and cyclists at key intersections”) either through official channels or if you think it is absurd for the city to put up a non-fillable PDF form that you are expected to print and mail, you might want to email the Project Administrator, Joseph Dattilo directly via

On Friday, September 4th the agenda for the upcoming September 10th City Council Agenda was published. It is 513 pages long. I skimmed it. Here’s my annotated copy. Topics include: red light cameras and photo radar (which I strongly support), lots of zoning and rezoning amendments, the University Avenue West and Wyandotte Street West Community Improvement Plan – Background Report, potential timelines for Windsor’s Blue Box program to be transferred over to be handled by producers, the future of community gardens on city property since the United Way pulled funding from six such gardens (I hope the city picks this service up), and a report on an isolation and recovery centre for agricultural sector workers and/or vulnerable population groups that the city is involved in.

On that latter issue, I pulled out these paragraphs:

  • The City’s Housing Services department staff complement is currently 23 FTE’s who are stretched to provide adequate supports to the approximately 1200 individuals experiencing homelessness each year, over 560 Housing with Support residents, 34 social housing providers, and approximately 30 other homelessness serving agencies under agreement with the City, as well as manage other Council approved and provincially directed priorities.

  • Thirty homeless individuals were accommodated in the City’s Isolation and Recovery Centre from its opening in April through to September 1. The agricultural sector in Essex County employs approximately 10,000 – 12,000 temporary workers throughout the growing season. To date we are aware of over 500 mostly COVID-19 positive workers that have been accommodated off-farm in hotels. [!!!]

I support the work of Open Media – “a registered non-profit that works to keep the Internet open, affordable, and surveillance-free”. From them I found out that on August 15th, the Liberal federal cabinet “announced that it thinks the CRTC’s lower Internet rates set last year are too low” and suggests that we write to Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains in protest.

The OPP has pressed charges towards an indigenous journalist with no basis at 1492 Land Back Lane. This is a story worth following and when the OPP arrests journalists on the ground, it makes it difficult for the story to be told. This week marks the 25th anniversary of the OPP killing Dudley George at Camp Ipperwash.