Weeknotes, Sept 22 – Sept 28 2020

There’s a City Council Meeting today at noon. The agenda is pretty light. It includes the question of whether used clothing bins be regulated by the city and potential relief from 2019 property taxation due to extreme poverty and/or sickness.

While the agenda is light, there are nine delegates lined to up to speak to By-law142-2020A BY-LAW TO AMEND BY-LAW 123-2020 RESPECTING TEMPORARY REGULATIONS REQUIRING THE WEARING OF MASKS OR OTHER FACE COVERINGS WITHIN ENCLOSED PUBLIC SPACES, including the organizer of a recent anti-mask rally among other characters. From what I can tell, there might be one pro-mask delegate among the nine and if so, I just want to thank this person for being a good neighbour.

I’ve also noted with interest that

That the Diversity Committee as part of the Diversity & Inclusion Plan, REQUESTS to review the hiring practices of the City of Windsor to ensure there are no barriers to employment.

There are still several committees that this request has to get through before it can become actionable.

Only days ago, being a player any time soon in making electric vehicles seemed preposterous. Ontario’s manufacturing heartland, despite its proud automaking history, had been passed over for new investments in the cars expected to take over global fleets. There wasn’t much confidence among industry-watchers that the junior partner in a continental market, next to an increasingly protectionist United States, could easily change that.

Then came this week’s announcement that Ford Motor Co. will make a roughly $2-billion investment in converting its Ontario facilities to make EVs, mostly by retooling its Oakville, Ont., plant for five new lines of them.

Courtesy of Ford, Canada’s EV moment has suddenly arrived. Are governments ready for it?, The Globe and Mail, September 26 2020

My family is the process of moving from being a two-car family to a one-car family (anyone want to buy my 2000 Ford Focus station wagon?). When our remaining car needs to be replaced, we are going to buy an electric vehicle.

The City of Windsor should consider amending our building code to recommend at least one 40A 240V circuit for new garages. That’s not my idea. I got it from this video:

Windsor could and should be more receptive to EVs.

From Windsor’s Community Energy Plan (July 2017):

Electric vehicle (EV) adoption is starting slowly in Ontario. Approximately 5,650 EVs are currently registered in the province, and as of 2014 only account for 0.05 per cent of Ontario’s overall passenger vehicle population. In Windsor, the number of electric vehicles is even lower at 0.01 per cent of all passenger vehicles. The Ontario Climate Action Plan sets a target of having 5 per cent of all passenger vehicles on the road in 2020 be electric.

Recently, when 12 fleet vehicles were set to be replaced the matter was focused on whether council could opt to buy local. I wonder if it’s too late for the City of Windsor to pivot from SUVs to EVs.

It’s almost as if The City of Windsor forgets that we are in a climate emergency.