Weeknote 9 2021

§1 A World More Tender

Tomorrow, March 8 is International Women’s Day. Celebrate it by reading this article by Kathryn Jezer-Morton: Day Care Makes the World More Tender.

Arielle Aaronson, an American expat in Quebec, wrote, “I deeply believe the system is working here in Quebec. Universal child care has allowed women to retain careers that might have been derailed by the arrival of children and increases their financial independence. It doesn’t impose day care on any mother, but offers the possibility for families to envision a weekday life that doesn’t revolve around their children.”

Want to encourage more women to start their own businesses or pursue leadership opportunities at work, politics, or in civic life? Fight for affordable daycare.

§2 Rental Unit Licensing

There are lots of delegations lined up for tomorrow’s City Council Meeting to talk about the proposed Rental Unit Licensing, including lots of landlords (11.2: Residential Rental Housing Licensing Options -City Wide (C188/2020)). I am personally not well versed on the matter so I very much appreciated listening to Darcie Renaud speak to the issue on last week’s Rose City Politics. She points out that despite the threats that landlords are making that any additional licensing costs will be passed on to tenants, the has been no evidence of rental cost increases in cities that have passed similar legislation.

§3 Our hotels are hospitals and our swimming pools are shelters

When I saw the photo above, it struck me that a hotel would be a much better option to protect our homeless population from the elements and from COVID. I wonder why didn’t they move these people to the hospital-hotel the next block over?

Anyway, I’m glad to see this development:

§4 All Monuments Must Fall

This is the statue that we need*

* its Plastikman