The City of Windsor’s Budget

Q: How big is Windsor’s budget?

A: Well actually there are three budgets

Ok, let’s start with the operating budget.

  • 2020 Operating Budget ➔ $426,576,438 (net) or $864, 654, 335 (gross)
    • $426 million (net) or $864 million (gross)
    • The cost of city services is $2.4 million per day ($864 million / 365)

What does net vs gross mean in an municipal operating budget? From the City of Toronto:

Explaining the difference between ‘gross’ and ‘net’ costs. The gross is the total cost to deliver programs and services. This expenditure is offset by funding and subsidies for cost-shared services as well as fees and charges for programs and services. The difference between gross expenditure and these revenue sources is the net budget, which is the amount of the operating budget that is paid for by your property taxes.

Understanding the Toronto City Budget 2018

OK! So now we know that…

  • the total cost to deliver city services is $864 million (gross)
  • funding, subsidies, cost-sharing, fees and charges is $438 million (864 – 426 = 438)
  • the amount of the budget paid by property taxes alone is: $426 million (net)
  • businesses and residents of Windsor pay the City $1.2 million a day


Here’s a visualization of the revenue streams for the City of Windsor’s Budget for 2018 from John Halderman’s visualization of Ontario municipal budgets:

Over the last ten years, we can see that property tax revenue has remained largely steady and a couple of years ago, there was a bump in venue from other levels of government: