Weeknote 7 (2021)

Monday at 10am begins the special meeting of City Council to deliberate on the 2021 Budget. For a proper breakdown, I strongly recommend reading Frazier Father’s post on what he found notable from it. §1 When progress meant more money for education than police There was a time in which the City of Windsor would […]

Weeknote 3, 2021

§1 Three days ago, The Toronto Star proved that the Ford government significantly watered down the COVID-19 health and safety guidelines for schools while the government repeatedly assured Ontarians that they were following the best medical advice. In doing so, not only did they endanger the lives of the educators of Ontario, some would argue […]

Weeknote 1, 2021

§1: Partisanship is hazardous to our health In a better world, all of our levels of government would work together to contain COVID-19 and protect lives. But we live in Windsor, Ontario where the Mayor and the Head of Windsor’s Regional Hospital are more than happy to criticize the Federal Government’s work in supplying vaccines […]

Weeknote Nov 17-23 2020

There is a city council meeting on Monday. I’m not going to watch it live but I will try to follow up on the outcomes of the following: 8.1. Capitol Theatre Legacy Grant Application 8.7 Parking Bylaw 9023 – Recommended Amendments on Sandwich Street (C 215/2020) 11.1 Contracting Out Caretaking Services – Phase II- City […]

Weeknote Nov.10-16 2020

Last Monday, Council voted 6-4 in favour of the Mayor’s motion to support the location of the future hospital. During said meeting, the CEO of the Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation suggested that the only thing holding back receiving $2.3 billion dollars of funding was a unanimous vote at Windsor City Council. So, as someone […]