Weeknote Dec 8 – 14 2020

§1 At midnight, Windsor-Essex will be in the grey zone and schools will be online only until Winter break. The Windsor Essex Health Unit has a page that lists all the ongoing outbreaks. I know a lot of people are upset at the regular group of 30 or so who have been protesting outdoors the […]

Weeknote Nov 17-23 2020

There is a city council meeting on Monday. I’m not going to watch it live but I will try to follow up on the outcomes of the following: 8.1. Capitol Theatre Legacy Grant Application 8.7 Parking Bylaw 9023 – Recommended Amendments on Sandwich Street (C 215/2020) 11.1 Contracting Out Caretaking Services – Phase II- City […]

Weeknote Nov.10-16 2020

Last Monday, Council voted 6-4 in favour of the Mayor’s motion to support the location of the future hospital. During said meeting, the CEO of the Windsor Essex Economic Development Corporation suggested that the only thing holding back receiving $2.3 billion dollars of funding was a unanimous vote at Windsor City Council. So, as someone […]

Weeknote Nov 3 – 9 2020

Tomorrow promises to be a looooong city council meeting filled with delegates testifying for and against the Mayor’s motion in support of the County Road 42 location of the amalgamation of our local hospitals. Since I wanted to wait for the Ontario Provincial Budget to be released first, I sent my own position against the […]

Not 3.5 and not 12 but 8.5

I have lamented in several posts on this blog that natural coverage of the county of Essex is 3.5% — the worst in all of Ontario. I have since learned that this point of data from 2002 is no longer accurate. In 2012, the coverage moved 8.5%. My new question is why hasn’t the measure […]