Weeknotes, Sept 8 – Sept 14 2020

Items of note from last week’s news: LaSalle to construct bike lockers at select bus stops – Windsor Star, September 7, 2020 Privacy, community trust, equity a concern after Windsor police access COVID-19 database, CBC Windsor, September 8, 2020 “A Crown witness in a lengthy gun trafficking trial repeated earlier assertions of “dirty cops” on […]

Weeknotes, August 11 – August 17

On August 14th, civic activist (civic influencer?) Dave Meslin shared some of the work from his latest project: a Municipal Democracy Index, “ranking Ontario’s largest cities based on a series of quantifiable metrics related to how power is shared / distributed and the degree to which local democracy is accessible, responsive and representative…” Dave Meslin […]

Law and order vs. Justice and peace

I don’t know whether it is possible to understand the protests of the current moment as a single, country-wide, thing. We know that there are those protesting police brutality, those who are inciting violence to incite more police brutality, those there to loot, and there are those who are just there because they have had […]